Pegasus Flyers (EA) Ltd is one of the oldest flying schools in Kenya and was originally formed by keen Flying Instructors,  the objective being to provide flying instruction and flying facilities for members of the Club, and to further General Aviation in Kenya. To keep our costs as the lowest possible level is one of our major aims, but this is in no way allowed to compromise our standards, which are widely recognized to be among the highest in Kenya.


Because of the excellent weather and the enormous choice of places, which you can conveniently visit by air, Kenya is a wonderful place in which to fly. If you wish to obtain a license and enjoy these advantages then we believe that you could not do better than to learn to fly with Pegasus, who are open and active seven days a week. We can give you personal attention from people as interested in flying as you are, people who fly for the love of it rather than for money.


Contact us to book a meeting with one of our highly qualified and experienced instructors to take you through the process and requirements.


October 20, 2018

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Visitors are always welcome to our school. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

Pegasus Flyers (EA) Ltd


Situated at the Aero Club of East Africa compound

Wilson Airport Nairobi.

Tel. 020 6001467/6001468

Email: pegasus@africaonline.co.ke


Tel:+254  20 6001467 / 6001468 P.O BOX 40813-00100 WILSON AIRPORT NAIROBI, KENYA.